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GIVE ME WISDOM: The Prayer of Solomon [2 Chr. 1:10]

Study from: “The 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible” by Dave Earley

What if God gave you the sweetest deal of the century?  Maybe the best offer in the millennium?  Suppose God said to you, “Ask Me for whatever you want and I will give it to you.”

Can you imagine?  “Ask Me for whatever you want—anything at all, nothing is too big—and I will, not might, or could but I will give it to you.”

What would you ask for?  Would it be truckloads of money (not to be used selfishly, of course)?  Would you want to be able to pay off your bills, help out some friends, secure your children’s future, help your church, support a bunch of missionaries, and pay for finding a cure for cancer or AIDS?  It may cross your mind that having a new house and luxury car might be a way to let people know that God is not a stingy God.  After all, it’s okay to have money as long as it doesn’t have you.

Hearing God tell you that He would gladly give you anything you asked would be a mind-boggling prospect.  Impossible, you say?  Not so.  Nearly three thousand years ago, God gave that exact opportunity to a man named Solomon (2 Chr. 1:7).

Solomon had has hands full.  He was the second son of the fateful David and Bathsheba union.  When David died, the weight of a young nation rested on the untested shoulders Solomon.  He had to step up and take David’s place as king.  Talk about big shoes to fill!

Yet, God knows when we are facing more than we can handle, and He knows just what we need.  So God appeared to Solomon in a dream and made him the unconditional proposal: “Ask Me for whatever u want and I will give it to you.”  To his credit, Solomon knew what to ask for [2 Chr. 1:7-10].


When given the opportunity to ask God for anything, Solomon asked for wisdom.  “Give me wisdom” is one of the most effective prayers found in the pages of Scripture, and one God loves to answer [2 Chr. 1:11-12].

Solomon asked for wisdom and God said, “Yes.”  In the Book of 1 Kings we can read a summary of the amazing way God answered Solomon’s prayer for wisdom [1 Kings 4:29-33].

With what decisions are you currently wrestling?  Do you need wisdom to carry out your ministry more effectively?  Are you trying to figure out how to lead your family?  Do you need insight into a relationship?  Then, pause right now and ask God to give you wisdom for every decision you are encountering and every situation you face today.

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